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Bonni's Peace Pizza
Bonni's Pizza in the Mountains

Bonni's Pizza is a family-owned pizzeria that takes pride in serving authentic Neapolitan pizza. Our passion for traditional recipes and high-quality ingredients sets us apart. We invite you to savour the rich flavours and irresistible aroma of our wood-fired pizzas.


From our two 1970's converted horse-boxes, we provide authentic Neapolitan pizza to our local community in North Wales.


Using the finest imported ingredients from Italy, as well as a handful of local produce, we hand make our bases every day, ensuring our pizzas are to the highest standard... just like you would find in Naples. 

Discover Our Specialties

Bonni's Pizza

We're Dom and Caitlin, and we proudly own Bonni's Pizza!

Bonni's began in 2017 when Dominic finally had enough of his office job and bought his first Horsebox on his credit card.

Caitlin quickly joined weeks later for a second job as a student... the years flew by, with a couple of new trailers and some much needed upgrades.

 Our Story 



We have now completed hundreds of weddings/events and served some of the best people in our local villages over the past 7 years.

As many of our regulars know we refuse to take short cuts... we spend every minute of our day creating the finest Neapolitan dough and preparing the best ingredients to serve you all.

Who We Are
Neapolitan Pizza on the Hoof

 Catering Services 

*please note this section is for private hire only, we are not able to take village orders through this link*

Planning an Event?
Let Us Cater for You!

At Bonni's Pizza, we offer specialised catering services tailored to your event. From corporate gatherings, weddings to family celebrations, our team ensures a memorable culinary experience for you and your guests.

We Look Forward to Serving You!

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